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Wildlife Management

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Protecting biodiversity and the responsible use of natural resources are the results of correct technical-administrative planning. Such planning must be based on an in-depth knowledge of the operation and state of ecosystems, on up-to-date ecological fauna data, on an analysis of production and population necessities and on the use of cutting-edge solutions. Using this information it is possible to define at a regulatory level, the management strategy for territorial resources, taking advantage of the various management structures determined by national and european regulatory guidelines. Management plans for protected areas the ascertaining of general and specific conservation measures hunting planning planning…
the strong human impact on water environments, together with the immission of an enormous variety of aquatic life, has led to an unnatural evolution of the biocenosis that has severely damaged the natural biodiversity of aquatic environments. In the continual alternation of species characterised by a different evolutionary background and by a different natural ecological setting, omnivorous species such as golden CARASSIus, ABRAMIDE and PSEUDOBORA as well as predatory species such as sheatfish, perch and ASPIO, have asserted themselves strongly in competivity and resistance with substantial consequent damage to the indigenous aquatic fauna. As total eradication can only be accomplished…
The planning, capture and transfer of waterborne fauna from degraded or damaged environments (whether due to pollution, drying-up or human intervention) to other suitable aquatic environments.
The design of incubators and hatching baths for the controlled reproduction and nursing of aquatic species and amphibians. The design, production and laying of artificial or seminatural substrata to encourage the natural reproduction of wild fauna.

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