Hydrogeomorphological characterisation

The management of the natural heritage to protect biodiversity, whether for landscape, eco-tourism or for ecosystem services, cannot fail to consider the conservation of the functionality of the ecosystem and thus the reltionship between species and their habitat.

 Hydrosynergy analyses the hydrogeomorphological components of habitats applying the accepted normative protocols (IARI, PHABSIM, IQM, I.F.F., IQH, Q.H.E.I., H.H.E.I., CARAVAGGIO, ) and through the use of informatic tools (ArcGIS, QGIS, GPS Pathfinder, Terrasync, PHABSIM for Windows) and highly accurate measuring equipment (sub-metrically precise GPS, ecosounder, misuratore di portata ad ultrasuoni, sonda multiparametrica)

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